OOhh Fall/Winter 2023

We are super proud to introduce OOhh’s new WOOD’z colletion. With the desire to eliminate the use of paint, OOhh has developed WOOD’z – which stands for WOOD Zero Waste.

In the WOOD’z collection, we decorate the OOhh pots, which are made from recycled paper with sawdust from the local furniture industry in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a large furniture industry where many different types of wood are used. OOhh has carefully selected sawdust from different wood species and mixed them to create the two beautiful colors: Light Wood and Ash. To achieve a nice black color, OOhh has burned some of the sawdust and created ash, which is mixed in. Therefore, you will experience two beautiful tactile colors without the use of paint.

It is not only a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to produce pots, but it also creates a unique and elegant style that fits perfectly with any interior.

The WOOD’z collection is not only a visual delight, but the pots are also durable and timeless. The collection includes the most beautiful pots, pique fleur vases, pedestals, and exciting innovative XL pots.

FW23 also offers the most beautiful pulp Christmas collection. A collection produced from 100% local paper waste and yesterday’s newspapers, ensuring that this product has a minimal impact on the environment. The collection comes in a beautiful color combination of white, burnt olive, black, and natural. The handmade look and authenticity of the paper give this collection its own unique character. This collection is guaranteed to spread joy, so why not add a little sustainability to your Christmas decorations?

Oohh’s Pulp pot collection is also expanding with a beautiful round pot that can be used for plants or cut flowers.

Are you wondering why OOhh and Lübech Living don’t always follow trend colors but stick to timeless and often earth tones? The reason is that trends and trend colors do not appeal to our sustainable profile.
Trends often have a shorter lifespan and are therefore in contrast to Oohh’s DNA of sustainability and timeless design.

Furthermore, you will find other delicious news from OOhhx and Vance Kitira, including a new beautiful ceramic design, ANNA, a new wave candlestick, beautiful new calendar candles, and a super beautiful new Vance Kitira favorite:
Toffee Brown.