OOhh Spring/Summer 2024

At OOhh SS24, we are incredibly pleased to introduce several new innovative updates developed with respect for nature. We are introducing, among other things, ‘All Nature’ by OOhh. All Nature is an exciting new outdoor-friendly collection of beautiful flower pots. All Nature is produced from recycled sawdust from the local furniture industry in Sri Lanka, as well as natural latex. The combination creates a beautiful tactile surface, providing an exciting collection for your garden, terrace, conservatory, and other outdoor areas. The series comes in 4 sizes and two attractive colors: Taupe and Black.

In OOhh’s popular ‘WOOD’z’ series, OOhh also presents an exciting new Pique Fleur model along with several new designs and a lovely new Caffe color. If you haven’t experienced Pique Fleur yet, it’s a must-see, as it’s a fantastic way to decorate.

Spring is also synonymous with Easter, and OOhh is expanding its Zero Waste Easter collection with the most beautiful series in pulp paper, as well as an entirely new innovative and environmentally friendly paper development. We had a desire to develop a new type of paper, where we mix OOhh’s Zero Waste paper with flower remnants. This has succeeded beautifully and has allowed us to design a super beautiful Easter series in our new Lotus Paper.

Why Lotus paper? We named it Lotus paper because we have had the privilege of collaborating with local temples in Sri Lanka. The temples are visited daily, where flowers are offered, and after a few days, they are usually discarded – but OOhh has now given them new life. The Lotus paper can be experienced in the new pulp Easter eggs, new Easter ornaments, and new greeting cards. The entire series, like everything in OOhh, is handmade with great consideration for the environment, with recycled materials, and is at the same time both aesthetic, timeless, and beautiful. A series that must be experienced.

OOhh’s Pulp series is also expanded with a beautiful hanging pot and a decorative tray. If you’re wondering why OOhh and Lübech Living don’t always follow trend colors but stick to timeless and often earthy tones, the reason is that trends and trend colors do not appeal to our sustainable profile. Trends often have a shorter lifespan, contrasting with Oohh’s DNA around sustainability and timeless design.

Additionally, you will find other delicious news from OOhhx and Vance Kitira, including a new beautiful ceramic design, the ANIA vase, a lovely new Nordic Sea color in wool, a beautiful new lamp, and new beautiful Vance Kitira colors: Peach and Turf Green.