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Sustainable vision since 2009

Our sustainable universe started already in 2009. We began with handmade paper pots made from recycled paper. Today our sustainable universe furthermore includes inventive recycled materials such as zero waste paper, recycled plastic, recycled glass, recycled felt, ceramics burned by the use of solar energy etc.

Are you our new retailer?

Our products are sold primarily through home interior stores, florists & gift stores. If you are interested to become a part of our great team, we would love to hear from you!

Sustainable Development Goals for a brighter future

Since 2009 we at Lübech Living have worked towards a greener future for humans and the environment. In 2016 the United Nations introduced the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the same mission as ours.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

We design timeless and functional products made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. We focus on crafts, primarily from socially disadvantaged populations and in collaboration with these groups, we produce products with a unique history, lots of soul and with a socially environmentally friendly purpose.

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