Lübech Living ApS

Lübech Living is inspired by the global trendsetting market and we are constantly striving to be on edge with news and innovative design collections. The philosophy of our product portfolio is a strong wish and urge to be able to help our customers decorate their stores and the end users their houses with functional sustainable products. All products are carefully selected with focus on sustainability, craftmanship, natural resources as well as their unique story which add extra soul and value. Lübech Living are well known for a very high service level and products of high quality.

The OOhh Collection is our own brand in which we design and develop an interesting and functional collection of pots, vases, trays, candles holders, outdoor pots, office interior, seasonal decoration etc. All products are made from recycled materials and our production is part of a women’s Fairtrade project in Sri Lanka. The collection is targeted florists, interior shops, furniture stores, museum shops etc. who all appreciate and promote Danish design, handicrafts and not least sustainable products. Under the OOhh Collection we have our subbrand named OOhhx. First collection from OOhhx was a stunning range of vases and interiør made from 100% recycled glass. Today the collection includes beautiful ceramics burnt with the use of solar energy, carpets made from over production of labels from the garment industry, beautiful stationary etc. OOhhx shares the same strong values as OOhh focusing on recycled material and handmade products only we target to work with project around the world.

Vance Kitira is a wide collection of candles and home accessories. Vance Kitira is a thai forester with focus on people’s health and the environment. The Timber Candles are very well respected in the business for the fact that they are produced from food-grade paraffin and 100% cotton wicks. The candles are certified free from cancerous toxins etc. More detailed information is available under ‘Brands’.

UASHMAMA is a very exciting Italian collection of functional interior products made from washable paper. The collection also include trendy and unique handbags, clutches and backpacks which are strong and washable designed to fit all types of fashion. UASHMAMA are also well known for their fabulous aprons in stonewashed cotton with braces made from the same washable paper. As well as their beauty collection based on extra virgin olive oil. All products are made in Italy.

Our products are sold worldwide on trade fairs, via our head office in Denmark and through our strong sales network of agents/distributors in Germany, Poland, Kuwait and Belgium.
The products are sold in renowned home interior shops, florists, department stores, furniture shops, fashion shops, gift stores, spa- and wellness shops, garden centers, interior designers etc. As well as we sell to restaurants, hotels etc. Many products are also sold to the corporate gift industry where companies wish to make a statement when offering a present to employees or partners. They appreciate the uniqueness and timeless design of our products.