The beautiful Vance Kitira candles

Timber® Candles was the first product of Vance Kitira and today almost 30 years later, still the bestseller and trademark of the company. Timber® Candles differentiate by the unique and rustic texture, the quality and not least the beautiful story behind. The idea for the Timber® Candles arose one day, when Vance Kitira was at work as a forester in Thailand. Vance Kitira filled a bamboo trunk with clay from the river and the next morning he discovered how the inside of the bamboo trunk had created a beautiful rustic and unique pattern on the clay. The rustic and unique pattern, which is the signature of the Timber® Candles, today.

Timber® Candles are known throughout the industry as the original hand-poured, distress-textured candles. They display a unique warm glow and boast phenomenally long burning hours. The fully-refined, food-grade paraffin wax has been hydro treated to remove impurities and color. The result is a wax that is water clear, odorless and smokeless during burning. We use only 100% cotton wicks from the U.S. and fine dyes from Germany.