The Story Behind Vance Kitira


The Vance Kitira brand was established in 1993 in the Thai province of Rayong by the forester Vance Kitira and in 2018 the company will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Since 1993 Vance Kitira has grown into a large and very well respected brand in USA, Canada, Australia and latest in Europe thru their cooperation with Lübech Living.

The collection started with the production of the very well known Timber Candles® from Vance Kitira.
Vance made his first candles inside bamboo – this provided the special structure which to this day is the signature of all Timber Candles® and also explain the pantented and recognizable bamboo strip which is tied around all the Timber Candles®. Apart from using the bamboo to make the candles Vance Kitira also made a significant choice in this business when chosing to use food grade paraffin to create his candles. A paraffin which is purified and cleansed for impure particles intended for use in the food industry and considered by many to be to good a quality for candle production. However the choice was easy for Vance Kitira as human health and nature are his first priority and has a special meaning.