A Thai forester and his certified candles

Certified candles – is this a choice? And is it of any importance?

In these days where the ongoing debate is about the health risk when burning candles, the answer is a massive YES! And this is exactly what has been of importance to Vance Kitira since he began his candle production in 1993. As a unique choice in the industry, Vance Kitira decided to use food grade paraffin for his candles. A paraffin which is a fully refined wax with no impurities and excess color. Made with 100% cotton wicks and fine dyes. The result; phenomenal beautiful candles displaying a warm glow and with no carcinogenics (no cause of cancer). The candles are testet at the independent SGS Laboratory in France.

The succes behind the Vance Kitira brand build on Vance’s love to nature and his interest in paying back what nature offer to humanity by protecting and conserving it. For Vance it is important only to use the best and most allergy and environmentally friendly materials as well as reuse the excess wax. His engagement in nature, earth and human race is clear and shown by ways of growing his own plantation and donating from sales to grow new trees.