What inspires you?

“I’m strongly inspired by nature and architecture. The lines, the levels and the structures in the different materials in architecture have always inspired me greatly. The nature has come to me in my adult life, where I have found peace in the nature and start to understand the importance of protecting our nature.

My motto is:

“When we can develop in an eco-friendly way, we should do so
– do not take the easy solution.”

We should all make the extra effort and in my mind we should strive to create eco-friendly products and use a sustainable production.

I’m extremely dedicated to my work and my designs. I have a very good eye for small details and a heart for precision, which can be challenging for my surroundings especially considering that we work with craftmanship and less privileged women. But every challenge is there to be solved and I gladly invest the time in the necessary training to meet a level that work for all of us and reach my ambition for the OOhh brand. These challenges build our relations and allow us to connect even better with the ladies as we are working very close together.”

Childhood home

“From childhood I actually already got the inspiration to work with the resources available. I remember as a child how all the neighbors came by our garage. In the garage my dad always saved old nails, bolts and pieces of wood just in case somebody needed this. My dad always said; rather save, reuse and share than buying a full box of nails when you only need a few.”